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Graphic novel


Illustrations and texts produced between 2019 and 2021, to be published on March 15, 2022 by Station T editions.

>Launch at Montreal

>Launch at Sherbrooke  

“Between the cold of a night spent in the hospital and the warmth of a house full of friends, Je prends feu trop souvent is about the balance between violence and tender, friends and loneliness, flight and acceptance"

This first graphic novel by young author and illustrator Charlotte Gosselin talks about mental health from the point of view of the person who's suffering. This story provides access to a very personal, singular and uninhibited vision of suicide, self-mutilation, anorexia and psychiatry.

The book expresses the hypersensitivity that accompanies the disease on a daily basis. With images and poetry, we follow the trajectory of a young woman struggling with a fire that consumes her too often. A form of beauty behind the drama is revealed, through friendships (especially between patients) and the relationship that the character has with herself. Psychiatry is an unknown world in which patients share a loneliness that, when told in a sensitive way, can be felt by everyone. An intimate and important book, beautifully illustrated by the author.


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